Collated Screws Type MGS



PREBENA Screws comply with DIN 18182-2:2010-02. The dry-wall screws are suitable for fastening of plaster- and fiberboards. The most efficient way is to process coarse thread screws with a PREBENA collated screwdriver.

  • GFPH = dry wall screws, fine thread, phosphate coated
  • GGPH = dry wall screws, coarse thread, phosphate coated
  • GBPH = dry wall screws, with drill point, phosphate coated
  • FMPH = Fiber board screws, holi thread, phosphate coated
  • STNK = Chipboard screws, partial thread, galvanized yellow 

Further types and lengths are available on request!
from 19 – 55 mm (3/4" – 2-1/4")
Wire size: approx. 3,5 – 4,0 mm (0.138 – 0.157 in.)

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